Final evaluation of EFICAS project evaluation

    • EFICAS project is a research-action project conducted jointly by DALAM, PAFO/DAFO and CIRAD in 8 intervention villages in Luang Prabang and Houaphan provinces.

      The project methodology combined land use planning, agricultural development and capacity building regarding participative innovation at community level. The project supported innovations at local level regarding livestock intensification and cropping system intensification.

      The monitoring and evaluation system provided information at community, households and plot level and make it possible to better evaluate complex changes such as vulnerability or land use change (last survey planned in late 2018, after EU funding end).

      EFICAS project set a process of participative capitalization with regular events gathering a wide range of stakeholders at provincial, national and regional level. EFICAS supported the Lao Upland Initiative with several events and a website gathering useful documentation. Several policy briefs were elaborated taking stock of lessons learnt of projects and institutions working on upland development.

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